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OUR MISSION: SPARC (The Society for the Preservation of Ancient Religious Cultures) is an organization designed to help preserve ancient cultures by:

(1) Furthering research and analysis of those cultures so that understanding of those cultures increases

(2) Doing work that protects ancient sites from looting and destruction by properly excavating and maintaining them

(3) Conserving artifacts in a long-term, sustainable way

(4) Prepare a new generation of scholars who can continue and further this work.

Our Academic Board

The SPARC Academic Advisory Board consists of some of the most qualified and world renowned Archeologists, Scholars of Ancient Religion, Conservationists, and Academics in their respective fields from around the world. The goal and responsibility of our Academic Board is to bring a wide range of opinions, educational backgrounds, and ideas to propose and approve how SPARC Funds are allocated.

* Academic Board Chair: Dr. Kerry Muhlestein, BYU

* Noel Reynolds, BYU Emeritus

* Kasia Spakowska, University of Swansea, Wales

* Deb Harris, BYU Office of Public Archeology

* Elizabeth Frood, University of Oxford

* Linda Hullin, University of Oxford

* Kate Liszka, Cal State University

* Daniel Peterson, BYU

* Vasil Dobrev, French Institute of Archeology

* Cynthia Finlayson, BYU

* Julia Budka, Ludwig-Maximilans University, Munich


Raised to Support Archeology around the World



We've helped 100s of students with the financial and academic resources they need to continue to mission of preserving archeological research around the world.

Our Work

* 4th Dynasty Temple - Built by Snefru - 2600 BC

* Graeco-Roman Cemetery - Fayum Region - Egypt

* Petra - Jordan - Click Here

* Khirbat Ataruz - Jordan - Click Here

* Megiddo - Israel - Click Here

A recent class of Egyptian graduates trained by SPARC and BYU Mentors

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SPARC is a registered 501(c)3 and is a tax write off deduction.

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