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Welcome to SPARC

The Society for the Preservation of Ancient Religious Culture



Our Mission

SPARC is a non-profit organization made up of scholars, archeologists, students and business/community leaders dedicated to the preservation of ancient religious cultures around the Middle East, including those cultures found in Egypt, Israel, and Jordan (among others). Through the generous support of our donors and the on-the-ground work of our teams, we are supporting research that increases our understanding of these beautiful artifacts and monuments. We are doing the work that protects and conserves them through proper excavation, conserving artifacts in a long-term and sustainable way, and preparing a new generation of scholars who can further the mission of SPARC for generations to come. 

Our Work

Current Active Archeology Work

We've helped 100s of students with the financial and academic resources they need to continue to mission of preserving archeological research around the world. Through the generous donations of our members, we have raised and deployed significant funds supporting students, organizations, and archeological sites working in 4 different countries. Click on any of the links below to see some of the recent projects SPARC has been proud to support!

* The Megiddo Expedition

* Khirbat Ataruz Jordan
* Restoring Petra Project
* Fag el-Gamous Excavation Project

More infomation about the Project we support


Join SPARC Today

SPARC is a "membership only" community of those who are interested in being part of the great work of studying and preserving the beautiful monuments, textiles, and overall understanding of these ever-important early religious cultures such as those that thrived anciently in Egypt, Israel and Jordan.

We would love for you to join with us in this ever important work. To learn more about the memberships we offer and the benefits of our society, please click the link that follows.

SPARC Membership Overview and Submission Page


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