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Our Team.

The SPARC Team is made up of our central leadership who help to oversee the planning, fundraising, and program execution for our SPARC membership. They also work closely with a carefully selected group of Academic Advisors who provide lectures, project recommendations, and access to the academic institutions and the archeological sites that are so key to our mission at SPARC.

Academic Advisory Board

Our Advisors

Noel Reynolds, BYU Emeritus
Kasia Spakowska, University of Swansea, Wales
Deb Harris, BYU Office of Public Archeology
Elizabeth Frood, University of Oxford
Linda Hullin, University of Oxford
Kate Liszka, Cal State University
Daniel Peterson, BYU
Vasil Dobrev, French Institute of Archeology
Cynthia Finlayson, BYU

Julia Budka, Ludwig-Maximilans University, Munich

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